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AGS Estimates & Projections

The finest quality, current year updates, five and ten year projections are available at unbelievable prices! Spatial Insights, in association with Applied Geographic Solutions, Inc., offers an extensive range of demographic attributes for both census and postal geographic areas.

The Estimates and Projections database includes a wide range of core demographic variables for the current year and for both 5- and 10- year projections, covering five broad topic areas: population, households, income, labor force, and dwellings. With a foundation of the Experian household-level databases and over fifteen years of experience in demographic forecasting, AGS offers the highest quality demographic estimates in the marketplace today.

The data are extensively based on Census information from the 2010 Census, both the SF1 and the 2010 American Community Survey (ACS.) The most recent additions to the Estimates and Projections series is disposable income, known often in the industry as “buying power” and extensions to the distribution of household income to include detailed breakdowns in the $150,000+ category.

For 2012, AGS is pleased to include a number of new or significantly updated databases. These include:

  • MRI Consumer Behavior Profiles
  • Retail Sales estimates based on the InfoUSA business database and located in the BusinessCounts database
  • Housing Sales and Property Tax

Further, going forward, AGS will now provide bi-annual releases of all databases. Scheduled for April and October of each year, these releases will permit the more rapid incorporation of data from diverse sources, including Experian, the postal service, and the American Community Survey.

In the future, we will refer to the spring release as the "A" release, and the fall release as the "B" release.

All boundaries are now based on Census 2000 boundaries, including:

  • Block Group (BG)
  • Census Tract (TR)
  • Current Year ZIP Codes  (Z)
  • Place (PL) 
  • County Subdivision (CS)
  • County (CO)
  • County Based Metro Areas (CB) 
  • Metropolitan Statistical Areas (MA)
  • New England County Metropolitan Areas (NE)
  • Combined Metropolitan Area (CA) 
  • State (ST)
  • United States (US)

Nationwide, block group level data start at $50/variable. All pricing and methodologies quoted are for AGS data and subject to change. Please call for pricing of demographic data from other providers.

Entire database (covering 2013 and 2018), including over 725 variables, just $7,500 for nationwide block group coverage. Purchase the data by block group and get the census tract, county and State level data at no additional cost. Census data from 1970, 1980, 1990, and 2000 are also available.

MapPoint compatible: All variables in this and all other AGS datasets can be used in Microsoft MapPoint. Geographic levels include census tract, ZIP code, place, county, MSA, and state. For a complete list of variables available from AGS, please click here.